We offer different types of programs

Arabic Classes

Our Arabic program is designed to teach Arabic to non-native speakers and aims to master the use of the Arabic language.

Our Goals are:

1. To develop the learners’ ability to understand Arabic dialog.

2. To develop the learners’ ability to properly pronounce the language and speak with Arabic speakers, expressing the meaning in a sound manner in performance.

3. To develop the learners’ ability to read Arabic tasks with accuracy and understanding.

4. To develop the learners’ ability to write in the Arabic language, accurately and fluently.

5. To know the characteristics of the Arabic language and what distinguishes it from other languages ​​in terms of sounds, vocabulary, and structures.

6. To get acquainted with Arab culture and be familiar with the characteristics of the Arab person, the environment in which s/he lives, and the society s/he deals with.

  • Modern Stander Arabic
    • For Adults non-Arabic Speakers
    • For College Students Non-Arabic Speakers
    • For Middle and High school Students non-Arabic Speakers
    • For Elementary Students Non-Arabic Speakers
  • Arabic for Specific Purposes
    • Arabic Literature
    • Arabic sciences class for Arabic Speakers (Grammar, Morphology, The art of Eloquence.
    • Arabic for Media
    • Arabic for Diplomate
    • Business and Tourist Arabic

English Classes

These classes are provided for non-English Speakers in overseas countries to help them to obtain all English communication skills (reading, writing, speaking, and listening). The classes are provided online.

  • English Classes for School Students Level
  • English Classes for Adults
  • English class for professionals

Admission Services

The Wise Thought Foundation assists high school students, who are willing to study undergraduate programs, to get admission at colleges and universities in the United States.

Study Abroad Programs

For those who intend to visit the Middle East and study overseas, we help them to get admission and may obtain a full scholarship that includes, tuition and fees, round trip tickets, medical insurance, transportation, and housing.

Sabbatical leave program for Faculty

Sabbatical leave is defined as a semester-long or year-long leave granted to professors, working at universities. Sabbatical programs help professors strengthen their scholarships and enhance their skills. They can start writing new research, publish a book, or catch up on the recent developments in their field. More importantly, they can evaluate how they are positioning themself as a scholar. For professors in non-English speaking countries, sabbatical leave could be a great time to study English in the U.S, attend seminars in your fields, and collaborate with other faculty members as they teach to generate ideas to improve your classroom practices. Do you want to write and publish research with international professors? Do you plan to write about personally significant issues? Do you need help to prepare for sabbatical leave or design your long-term research agenda? Do you want to enhance your teaching? The Wise Thought Foundation can help you find appropriate partners to collaborate with.


  • Build and Write Individuals Educational Plan for Special Needs
  • Special Education Consultation services
  • Arabic Classes
  • English Classes
  • Admission Services
  • Study Abroad Programs
  • Research & Publication services
  • Sabbatical leave program for Faculty