What is the Wise Thought Foundation 

The Wise Thought Foundation is a non-profit organization that offers high-quality services in education, research, and professional development for schoolteachers, institutions of learning, and communities worldwide. In education, it provides intensive Arabic classes and courses to Arabic and non-Arabic speakers using modern education technologies and methodologies, which help learners successfully address the challenges of learning a new language. It equips learners with relevant content knowledge and 21-century skills that are authentic to the current time.

The Foundation also supports research by helping interested individuals and organizations in writing theoretical and/or empirical research. We can guide you in writing your research paper including statistical analyses using different statistical packages. Furthermore, we provide intensive sessions/workshops on how to deal with qualitative or quantitative data and how to read the statistical outputs. Support is also provided to researchers to publish their research in high-impact factor journals. A number of professional development workshops on different topics are also provided to School leaders and schoolteachers to empower them with essential skills they need to improve and be successful classroom teachers in 21st Century inclusive classrooms

Our Vision

The Wise Thought Foundation seeks to assist professionals who wish to hone their skills as inquirers of knowledge, balanced in their life and deeds and in wise thinking

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower learners, educators, and researchers by honing their talents and skills to become experts who can contribute to advancing knowledge and improving the global community. Our mission is to promote an excellent, comprehensive, purposeful, and meaningful education around the world.

The Wise Thought Foundation is an educational organization that offers a high-quality education for individuals and the community, professional development for educators, and supports researchers to publish their research in highly impactful journals. The Wise Thought Foundation seeks to promote is an exchange of transformative education across continents.

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